Interior architecture      Design

Fitting, transforming and renovating of your private, commercial and work-space, the design of your selling or exhibition stand, and the design of made-to-measure furniture.
Designing a new space has practical, aesthetic and functional aspects.
The harmony of materials, achieving space, creation of new volumes and light optimization creates a new space to feel good in.
My services for the complete design of your project is in 3 stages:
The first stage is the planning of your project with 3D renderings, sketches and provision of material samples.
The second stage is an adaptation of the project after discussion, and then the call of offers to building companies.
The third stage is the finalization of the plans, the organization of the work-site, and the bringing to completion of the project.
In a more limited way my service can just consist in giving you advices, ideas of colours, materials and furniture for your project.