Coaching decoration



You need to choose your furniture, your lamps, your walls coverings and paintings, and don’t know how to start ?

The harmony has to be the focus point of the “mood” of your house.

I can help you to make good choices that reflect your personality and the way you want to live your home according to the features of your house.

 We’ll spend time together going in different shops and I will help you to choose.

First of all we will create a moodboard with the materials, the colors, fabrics, types of lights, style of furniture of your future spaces.

I will do my best to fit your budget and requests

Then we will decide where to go shopping.


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Examples of moodboard


we will Start With An Inspiration
we will try to Have A Color Theme Throughout Your Home and according to your personality
we will test your Paint Colors Against Furniture And Fabrics
Pick The Right Sheen is also important